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The car-free paradigm (EN)


For decades, urban space, life and commerce has been planned and built around the demands of the automobile. So what happens when its negative side effects forces car-based cities to limit their access, and even flirt with wild ideas like going «car-free»? Does this really mean the end of the urban retailer? Will car restrictions limit who can and who cannot gain access to our urban centers? Is «car-free» really a shortcut to more beautiful cities? What are the success stories, and what can go wrong?

Join vice mayor for urban development Hanna E. Marcussen, renowned urbanist Mike Lydon and an exciting panel of experts in our breakout session where we'll talk about what the «car -free» city should look like, and how we can ease the transition to truly sustainable urban development.

  • Rasmus Reinvang, political adviser, Vice Mayor for Urban Development, City of Oslo

  • Mike Lydon, Founder of Street Plans, author of «Tactical Urbanism» & «The Smart Growth Manual»

  • Ellen S. de Vibe, Director, Agency for Planning and Building Services, City of Oslo

  • Jon Anders Henriksen, Director of industrial policy, Oslo Handelsstands Forening

  • Siri Holmboe Høibo, Head of Strategic Initiative Urban development, Design and Architecture Norway

  • Runar Eggesvik, Partner at Troubleshooter, Oslo