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Resilient cities and climate change (EN)

Water – whether the increase of it, the pollution of it or the lack of it – is one of the biggest urban challenges of the 21st century. Hot(ter) summers, frequent heavy storms, and urban densification will force us to change the way we design our future cities and urban environments.

This session investigates how we can use nature and public spaces to solve some of today's toughest urban problems while increasing quality of life, for all. How can we use urban nature as a launching pad for more climate-resilient cities?

- Nadine Galle (Consultant, Metabolic and Doctoral Candidate, Ecological Engineering)
- Elin T. Sørensen (Doctoral Candidate, NMBU – vann og land som et landskap)
- E.C. Forfang (Landscape Architect, SLA)

Moderator: Louise Fiil Hansen, SLA

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