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Mariela Alfonzo

Reclaim the streets

State of Place is a unique blend of Jan Gehls passion for the life between buildings and Spacemakers AI-tehnology. Mariela Alfonzo, CEO and co-founder of State of Place is a placeoholic and has over 15 years of expertise in the field of urban design, behavior research and placemaking. In 2014, Mariela was recognized as one of Urban Land Institute’s 40 under 40 best young land use professionals around the globe.

 State of Place is the manifestation of her passion - she quantifies what people love about cities and why it makes economic sense to make them better with her predictive analytics software. Her vision is to fundamentally disrupt and replace the ideologically-based expert-driven approach on placemaking accessible only to a few, with an evidence-based data-driven one accessible to the many. State of Place isn’t just moneyballing city-making, they are leveling the playing field.