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Claire Flurin

Is Co-living the answer to affordable housing?

Claire is an urbanist, R&D and Innovation Director of Keys Asset Management, and founder of the non-profit organisation Co-Liv. With particular expertise in co-living and sustainable neighbourhoods, she develops UX design strategies for cities & buildings that enhance liveability and reconcile profit-driven real estate with the people-centric mindset of innovators. Flurin’s work goes beyond the ‘co-living’ phenomenon, which is often variants of apartment-hotels with shared functions, and puts the the concept in a broader context of cities can solve their challenges with affordable housing.

Claire draws on her experience developing co-living models for properties all around the world, city planning tech tools, as well as differentiation, user-driven real estate programmes in Europe and the United States. She received formal training from Cornell University, the Johnson Graduate School of Management and ESTP Paris.