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Grow your community! (NO/EN) presented av Aspelin Ramm Eiendom

  • Hovedrommet 6 Youngs gate Oslo, Oslo, 0181 Norway (map)

Grow your community!

Densification and transit-oriented urban development align with the goals of Oslo, larger sustainability targets and both municipal and regional policies.

When we densify our cities, most new projects are within an existing built environment, where people already live and work. Neighborhoods are well-established, with their diverse and unique mix of people, with resources, needs, dreams, and will to contribute to their neighborhood. How can developers and existing communities work together to develop areas in a way that leverages all the unique factors and the existing identity, while also adding new qualities?

Developments in existing and well-established areas can often pose a risk of gentrification. The community and groups using the area might not feel welcome in the new surroundings. How can we make sure that the result of urban densification processes creates spaces that are truly accessible to existing residents? Even if new housing developments or office buildings include public areas accessible to all, this does not mean that the existing community will use them. How can we make sure new public amenities will cater to the existing community's needs?

We want to discuss these issues based on specific examples from Oslo, as well as what we can learn from other cities. The axis from Grønland to Bjørvika is a relevant local example. Landbrukskvartalet is a new quarter in the making, with an interesting context - between multicultural and historic Grønland, and the new CBD in Bjørvika. The question is who will lay claim to the re-developed old dairy quarter. Will it become bazar or business – or is it possible for everyone to win? Can social and economic sustainability be achieved in one new neighborhood that everyone can feel like a part of?

Introductions by:
Marianne Skjulhaug, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Steven Turell, Sidewalk Labs

Andreas Vaa Bermann, Agency for Planning and Building Services
Steven Turell, Sidewalk Labs
Leo Rygnestad, Områdesatsing med områdeløft Grønland og Tøyen, Bydel Gamle Oslo

Moderator: Maren Bjerkeng, Aspelin Ramm Eiendom

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